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2019 Global Compact Network Conference

In celebration of their 10 year history, the Global Compact Network Australia (GCNA) will convene its inaugural flagship conference – ‘Rebuilding trust in corporate Australia – business as agents for Sustainable Change’. The conference will bring together approximately 200 local and global leaders from business, civil society, academia and Government to discuss trust and role that business can play in rebuilding trust in corporate Australia.

2019 Homelessness Conference

On August 7, for the sixth year running, the 2019 Homelessness Conference program will explore and evaluate practical and future homelessness policy at local, national and international levels.

2019 Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire

The conference, now fifth in the Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire series, will focus on how leaders and teachers can collaborate effectively to differentiate teaching and learning in the context of the classroom, whole school and communities of schools, as required by the NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum. Differentiated sessions will be available for leading, proficient and early career practitioners.

2019 Sustainability Symposium

The inaugural 2019 Sustainability Symposium aims to connect Tweed and GC Schools in their commitment towards sustainability education.

2019 TOM Makeathon: Call for MAKERS

The Melbourne Makeathon are seeking Makers (problem solvers, tinkerers, hobbyists, innovators - including engineers, designers, software developers, doctors, OT's, allied health professionals) to take part in a 3 day Marathon of Making assistive technology for people with disabilities.

2019 World Indigenous Housing Conference

The 2019 World Indigenous Housing Conference (2019WIHC) is the principal conference to provide a platform for leaders in housing, health, education and related services from around the world to come together. Up to 2000 delegates will share experiences, explore opportunities and innovative solutions, work to improve access to adequate housing and related services for the world’s Indigenous people.

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