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2019 Birds Queensland Research Grants

Each year Birds Queensland offers small grants for research relating to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Queensland, especially those under threat.

Coastwest grants are now open. These grants support coastal land managers and community organisations to rehabilitate, restore and enhance the Western Australian coast.

Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grants

The Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grants (ARSG) is a component of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovationês Aboriginal Employment Program and provides funding for training to meet the needs of Aboriginal people living in urban, regional and remote NT communities.

ACT Children’s Week Grant

Online forms for small grants, program entries and award nominations are now open. The aim of Children's Week is to celebrate children and young people.

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund

The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund supports startups and small to medium Queensland businesses to commercialise market ready innovative ideas that will help them grow and compete in a global market and create new jobs with grants of up to $250,000.

Aspirations4kids in Sport Grants

The Aspirations4Kids in Sport project is supported by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). The funding that they make available is designed for developing school athletes facing unique challenges, aged between 10-19 years whose cases fall within 3 cause categories.

Austalian Research Council Linkage Projects

The Linkage Projects scheme promotes national, and international, collaboration and research partnerships between key stakeholders in research and innovation including higher education institutions, government, business, industry and end-users. Research and development is undertaken to apply advanced knowledge to problems, acquire new knowledge and as a basis for securing commercial and other benefits of research.

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